XTreme EMS

XTreme EMS


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The XTreme-EMS is a compact universal engine monitor. The XTreme-EMS,
which fits a standard 3 1/8” instrument panel hole, contains all the necessary
functionality to replace several engine monitoring instruments.
All information is displayed in an easy to read format on a high resolution wide
viewing angle 4.3” 1000cd/m2 sunlight readable color display.
All engine sensors are connected to a RDAC (Remote data acquisition unit) which
is normally mounted behind the firewall of the aircraft and then just a simple
CAN communication link is necessary to connect the XTreme-EMS to the RDAC.
The XTreme-EMS light weight, small size and high level of functionality makes it
an excellent choice for all types of noncertified aircraft.
XTreme Series…
The powerful XTreme instrument series consists of 2 instuments. The XTremeEFIS which is a full featured EFIS system with navigation/autopilot and the
XTreme-EMS which is a full featured EMS (engine monitoring system). The
XTreme-EFIS includes all the functions of the XTreme-EMS version.


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