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The XTreme is a compact, multifunction electronic flight information system intended as a main flight instrument in smaller aircraft or as a backup/secondary flight instrument in larger aircraft.

The XTreme, which fits a standard 3 1/8” (80mm) instrument panel hole, contains all the necessary functionality to replace several flight and engine monitoring instruments. All information is displayed in an easy to read format on a high resolution wide viewing angle 4.3” sunlight readable color display.

The XTreme’s light weight, small size and high level of functionality makes it an excellent choice for all types of noncertified aircraft.

  • Powerful 32 bit ARM processor
  • 4.3” high resolution 480×272, sunlight readable, wide viewing angle, 1000cd/m2 TFT LCD display
  • LED backlight (brightness can be adjusted for low light flying conditions)
  • Fits standard 3 1/8” (80mm) aircraft instrument panel hole
  • SD Card interface for data recording, user splash screens, checklists, graphic information pages, firmware upgrades, navigation and route files etc
  • 2x RS232 communication ports (Altitude encoder / GPS NMEA out / External GPS in)
  • 1x CAN communication port
  • Rotary control plus 5 independent buttons for easy menu navigation and user input
  • External alarm switch output for an external indicator lamp etc
  • Built in 50 Channel GPS receiver with over 1 million effective correlators with high immunity to jamming
  • GPS Time To First Fix (TTFF) of less than 1 second
  • External active GPS antenna connection
  • Support for an internal or an external GPS receiver
  • Built in RTC (Real Time Clock) • Wide input supply voltage range of 8 to 30V DC
  • Built in voltage reversal and over voltage protection for harsh electrical environments • Light weight design EFIS:
  •   Attitude display. Note (1)
  •   Magnetic heading indication. Note (2)
  •   Heading bug
  •   Precision altimeter from –1000ft up to a maximum of 30 000ft (-304m to 9144m). Altitude can be displayed in feet or meters.
  •   Altitude bug • Airspeed indicator (16mph to 250mph), 1mph resolution. Airspeed can be displayed in mph, km/h or kts
  •    Digital and analog VSI indicator . Scale of 1000ft/min, 2000ft/min and 4000ft/min / 5m/s, 10m/s, and 20m/s. Resolution of 1ft/min, 1m/s
  •     Serial Altitude encoder output via the RS232 ports (MGL Avionics CNV-ALT required for parallel gillham code output)
  •     Density altimeter
  •      OAT (Outside Air Temperature) display using an external OAT probe
  •      Supply Voltage display
  •      Stopwatch timer
  •      Automatic/Manual flight timer
  •      RTC (Real Time Clock)
  •      Glide and climb ratio indicator
  •      Barometer (actual local pressure)
  •      TAS (true airspeed) display


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