Vega 2 1/4” VHF Controller

Vega 2 1/4” VHF Controller


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The Vega VHF controller connects to the V16 Com for full control. Connect any number of Vegas (and Razors) to your V16 Com radio.

Panel Cutout Size: 2 1/4” Round
Display: Color 1.8” TFT Display
Control: Two Knobs
Internal Communication: CAN Bus (to communicate with V16 and other Controllers)
Serial Port: For SL30/SL40 Communication (third party devices)
Ambient Light Sensor: Auto-Dimming
2 Discrete Inputs: Recall last transmission and/or to select channels with HOTAS, and/or Remote Flip/Flop
On Screen Warnings: Stuck Mic, Antenna Mismatch


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