SP 6 magnetometer

SP 6 magnetometer


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SP-6 magnetometer/electronic compass with advanced in-flight calibration algorithms for correction of hard and soft iron magnetic errors caused by ferro-magnetic materials in the aircraft.

Using a newly developed, unique method the SP-6 is able to cancel out the effects of magnetically active parts and materials on board the aircraft without any form of external aiding. Very high levels of heading accuracy can be achieved even in very compromised mounting locations where the combined effects of field distortion levels exceed the strength of the Earth’s own magnetic field.

The SP-6 dramatically simplifies electronic compass installation and eliminates the need for ground based compass swings and calibrations.

The new advanced algorithms have been introduced in production models from July15th 2013 onwards. Previous SP-6 models can be updated to the new firmware by the user or MGL representative using a freely available Windows based application.

The SP-6 contains a three axis magnetic field sensor (magnetoresistive type) and a 3 axis accelerometer (MEMS). The system uses a ARM Cortex M3 32 bit processor.


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