Omnia RPM-ROTOR 57mm

Omnia RPM-ROTOR 57mm


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Omnia RPM-ROTOR 57mm is a multifunction engine tachometer with added functions like 4 Hobbs meters, chronometer, automatic flight timer, last flight RPM peak, max RPM peak ever, and an RPM Rotor indicator. The instrument is fully customizable to fit almost any engine. Both indications of engine speed and rotor speed can be represented in absolute value or a percentage value.

All the components of the Omnia family are equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly visible display, a powerful 32-bit microcontroller, and the latest generation of solid-state sensors and components to ensure reliability and accuracy over time.

Omnia RPM-ROTOR 57mm can be interfaced with the Rotax engines I series through the CAN bus

Up to 16 Omnia family instruments can be connected in clusters to form a communication network, making some data exchange operations simpler.

Indications are in absolute values

Main features
Included gauges:

  • 1 Tachometer
  • 1 Chronometer
  • 4 Hobbs meters
  • Last flight RPM peak memory
  • RPM memory peak ever
  • 1 Rotor Tachometer


  • Knob with pushbutton
  • 2 CAN bus
  • Light Sensor input
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 1 Tachometer input low level
  • 1 Tachometer input high level
  • 1 Rotor Tachometer input low level
  • Embedded fuel resistant MAP sensor
  • Can be connected in a cluster with other Omnia instruments


  • Rugged case milled from solid aluminum
  • Powder-painted
  • 100% manufactured and tested with automatic processes


  • Visual Alarm on screen
  • Transistor Alarm output
  • Manual or Automatic Backlight dimmer
  • Easy software updating through the USB port

Technical specifications:

  • 4″ color graphic LCD 320×240 pixels with 1000 nits backlight.
  • Standard mounting 2-1/4” 57mm and 3-1/8” 80mm.
  • Powder painted aluminum case.
  • Dimensions: 68x62x35mm (57), 85x85x40mm (80).
  • Weight: 140g. (57), 230g. (80)
  • 1 Engine RPM L input: (2-20Vpp min 300uS)
  • 1 Engine RPM H input: (5-100Vpp min 300uS)
  • 1 Rotor RPM input: (2-20Vpp min 100uS)
  • Supply voltage: 10 ~ 30 V=.
  • Supply current: 60mA (57), 135mA (80).
  • open-collector alarm output (max 300mA, active low). This output can also be used to send a tone in the intercom, using the Flybox optional device Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C.
  • Humidity: 90% max (without condensation).
  • Communication through 2 CAN bus.
  • USB port: for USB 2.0



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