N16 Navigation Receiver

N16 Navigation Receiver


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The N16 navigation receiver is identical in size to the V16 COM radio and can be used in a simple configuration as combined NAV/COM solution for both MGL EFIS systems using the MGL protocols or, if at least one Vega or Razor control head is used these heads can provide NAV/COM data output on RS232 that is compatible with most EFIS systems on the market.

For stand alone operation you require at least one Razor control head or two Vega heads. Using these heads a fully compliant solution is presented that provides both VOR CDI using a rotary control for OBS bearing entry as well as the familiar two bar ILS localizer and glideslope indication.

The VOR provides a display for bearing to station and radial from station at the same time for up to two simultaneously received VOR stations.

Note: The N16 does not provide the traditional /-150mV signals to drive “steam gauges”, it is intended as stand alone solution or to be integrated into an EFIS system.

Very latest in high high performance signal processing provides a new generation of navigation receiver based on RF direct conversion technology.

Lowest cost navigation receiver solution available due to modern technology provides excellent, repeatable performance not possible with traditional navigation receivers.

Operating modes:

Single VOR with station ID morse decoder

Single VOR and simultaneous ILS (Localizer and Glide slope)

Dual VOR

Single ILS (Localizer and Glide slope) with ID morse station decoder

Can be used stand-alone with an MGL Odyssey/Voyager G2 or any iEFIS (G2 and G3)

Can be used in combination with a V16 to form a single NAV/COM – in combination with Razor or Vega controls heads can provide a compatible NAV or NAV/COM solution for third party EFIS systems.


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