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The RDAC XF is the Engine monitor module used with Ultra, Enigma, Odyssey, Voyager and

all iEFIS instruments.
Available in two versions, the RDAC XF is the base version and the RDAC XF MAP adds

a precise silicon manifold pressure sender (usuable for any pressure in the 0 to 2.5 Bar (30psi)

range (non aggressive gases or liquids only).

The RDAC XF provides an optically isolated communications interface compatible with all

existing MGL EFIS systems. In addition it provides a CAN bus interface used with iEFIS

systems. Further to this a RS232 interface is provided allowing thrid party (OEM) use of the

RDAC system.

The RDAC XF provides up to 12 channels for thermocouple sensors (EGT,CHT), channels

dedicated to NTC temperature and other probe types, oil and fuel pressure, fuel levels,

dual fuel flow and dual RPM, manifold or boost pressure (RDAC XF MAP only)

The RDAC XF is quick and easy to install thanks to our well proven use of vibration proof

moving cage wire terminals. These terminals allow quick attachement of wires and are very

useful during typical sensor fault finding.

The RDAC XF replaces the long running RDAC XB, XD and XE versions with a more flexible,

yet sturdy design in a strong, cast aluminium bulkhead mount device.


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