KTX2 – Basic Mode S transponder, 57mm

KTX2 – Basic Mode S transponder, 57mm

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KTX2 – Basic Mode S transponder, 57mm, integral altitude encoder. Cat 1, 250W, no ASD-B. Can be upgraded to ADS-B out by purchased a code.

Compact mode-S transponder with integrated altitude encoder. Without ADS-B out capability. The ADS-B out interface can be added by a firmware update. Level 2els class 1, approved up to 30.000 ft, max. 250 kts. Transmitting power 250 W, voltage 9 – 33 VDC, power consumption 0,2 – 1,0 A, Ø 57 mm, length 146 mm (without connector), weight 390 g.


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