ELM350 3.5″ Flight Instrument

ELM350 3.5″ Flight Instrument

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MiniUni 3.125″ model ELM350 is an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) for experimental airplanes. This compact and cost-effective instrument delivers exceptional performance and offers a variety of features such as:

  • Artificial horizon
  • 3D Synthetic vision with terrain/obstacle awareness
  • Compass (requires external module or uses GPS track)
  • G-Meter
  • Time display (local, UTC, flight, timer)
  • Voltmeter
  • Turn rate and bank angle indication
  • OAT (otside air temperature)
  • Flight plan import from compatible GPS units
  • Flight plan export to compatible GPS units which support standard NMEA input sentences
  • Control external autopilots via standard NMEA messages in various modes
  • EnGood EM-01 engine monitor sensor module support with full on-screen parameters indication
  • and more.

In-flight features:

✔️ Precise altitude pressure, airspeed, gyroscope and accelerometer sensors

✔️ Powered by GPU unit for better graphics experience

✔️ V-speed vertical reference strip provides speed warnings at all times during the flight based on V-speeds pre-defined by user.

✔️ GPS based track and ground speed formation is available on the display for additional situational awareness.

✔️ Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensor is optional and, if purchased, the instrument will display outside air temperature, as well as True Airspeed Speed (TAS).

✔️ Instrument can be connected to an external compass module to provide GPS independent heading indication for these cases where GPS signal may be unavailable.

✔️ Ultra bright sunlight readable 3.125″ display is easily readable under various light conditions, including direct sunlight.

✔️ Built-in rotary knob and two buttons on the front panel are used for all unit operation including easy adjustment of barometric pressure, heading bug adjustment, unit configuration via built-in settings menu.

✔️ Support for external backup battery unit (BBU) which is sold separately

✔️ Support for externally connected EnGood Engine Monitor which allows indication of CHT, EGT, RPM, MAP and other critical engine parameters

Post-flight analysis features:

✔️ Built-in flight data recorder allows to record various flight parameters every predefined time interval. Flight data later can be exported using Mini SD Card to PC computer for further review.

✔️ Google Earth file format for export is also available. This format allows to review complete airplane flightpath and altitude on the Google Earth maps.

This product model:

  • Built in AHRS module
  • All aluminum enclosure
  • Incorporates dynamic/static pressure sensors with quick connect lines (1/4″) in the back of the EFIS
  • Built in GPS receiver sensor
  • Flight instrument is designed for installation in to standard aviation panel opening: 3.125″ (79mm)


Input voltage: +10V to +28V DC

Unit size: 95mm x 95mm x 90mm

Weight: 450g

Display size: 3.5″ diagonal

Display resolution: 640×480 pixels (Ultra bright display)

Receiver: GPS receiver high sensitive Ublox

Maximum IAS: 250 Knots

Altitude range: -1000ft to +32000ft

Vertical speed range: 10000ft up or down

Pitot/Roll range: 360 degrees

USB port: miniUSB with adapter to connect USB flash drive

MicroSD port: microSD card up to 32Gb for maps and other DB storage

Antenna: mag mount GPS with male SMA connector

Pitot/Static lines: Quick connect 1/4″ plumbing



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