ELM1000 10.2″ EFIS with Touch display HD

ELM1000 10.2″ EFIS with Touch display HD

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xPlane EFIS 10.2″ model ELM1000 with Touch high definition display is a multifunctional flight instrument.

It incorporates various modes of operation such as:

РArtificial horizon  with built in AHRS

– Synthetic vision (including runways and obstacles)

– Compass (requires external magnetometer)

– Moving maps with flight planning option

– Engine monitoring (requires EM-01 engine sensor module and sensors)

– Remote COMM controls

– Autopilot controls

– Checklists

– Weight and Balance calculations

-ADSB-in traffic information via built-in WiFi or RS-232 (GDL90) connections

and more.


ELM1000 is based on powerful NVIDIA chipset which provides outstanding graphics experience on display.

10.2″ display incorporates capacitive touch panel for easy user-system interactions.

Built-in GPS sensor and AHRS module provides all attitude reference and global position information to EFIS. There is an option to connect external AHRS for backup and redundancy.


Instrument has built in flight data recorder which records flight parameters at every predefined interval. Flight data can be exported via USB flash drive to computer for further review.

When exporting in Google Earth format it allows visual post flight review via Google Earth system.


When configured with built in AOA sensor and appropriate pitot/AOA sensor the ELM1000 is also acts as a digital angle of attack sensor for enhanced safety.



Input voltage: +10V to +28V DC

Unit size: 11″/8″/2″

Weight: 3lb

Display size: 10.2″ diagonal capacitive touch

Display resolution: 1280×800 pixels (Ultra bright display)

Receiver: GPS Neo8

Maximum IAS: 250 Knots

Altitude range: -1000ft to +32000ft

Vertical speed range: 10000ft up or down

Pitot/Roll range: 360 degrees

USB port: USB flash drive up to 32Gb

Built in SATA drive for extended storage capacity

Antenna: mag mount GPS with male SMA connector

Pitot/Static/AOA lines: Quick connect 1/4″ plumbing



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