Aircraft Automation EFIS + 2 Tabs autopilot kit

Aircraft Automation EFIS + 2 Tabs autopilot kit

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The SuperECO Autopilot is a 3 1/8” standard instrument standalone autopilot. It does integrate an Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator (EADI); an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) and a Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) into a single unit.



Its airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, horizontal situation indicator (HSI), and directional gyro instruments are backed-up by an optional battery in case of a complete power failure.



A Mini USB port is also included for software updates

Product Specifications

This turn-key kit contains everything you need to install your 3 1/8 in autopilot instrument. The box contains:
– AILERON Trimtab Assembly. Includes servo, counterweight, and Double-sided Tape
– ELEVATOR Trimtab Assembly. Includes servo, counterweight, and Double-sided Tape
– Standard wire harness
– AILERON servo 20foot extension cable
– ELEVATOR servo 25foot extension cable
– Standard Spare Parts kit. (extra servo connectors, cotter pins, servo arms)
– Black Brass 6-32 x ¾ in instrument fixing screws
– GPS antennae
– USB to Mini-USB charging and software update cable.
– 1-year Warranty

Note: Different configurations may be set up for different types of aircraft. These include different extension lengths, trim tab sizes, hinges, and pushrods.

SuperECO features:
– LEVIL-powered trim tab technology for roll and pitch.
– Heading mode (Magnetic Heading only for certain instrument installations)
– Track Mode (uses internal or external GPS. Magnetic adjusted heading)
– VS mode. Climb/Descend or maintain a preselected altitude following constant Vertical Speed.
– IAS mode. Climb/Descend or maintain a preselected altitude following constant Indicated Air Speed.
– GPS Steering with external NMEA GPS
– CDI Navigation. CDI needle controlled by external NMEA GPS or optional RS-232 connection to Garmin SL-30 NAV/COM shows CDI and GS (DAY VFR GUIDANCE, IFR NOT APPROVED).
– HOLD function. Will automatically keep the airplane flying in a holding pattern. Hold entries are automatically calculated. The autopilot will fly an indefinite number of patterns until canceled.
– ARC function. Will fly a DME arc around a GPS waypoint (from a NMEA external GPS). Can optionally exit the arc at a specified end course, ex. Runway track.
– Auto Envelope Protection. When the autopilot is off, trim tabs are still active. The system will correct for excessive or unwanted pilot inputs beyond a roll or pitch limit.
– Auto Trim. Since the system works with trim tabs auto trim is built into the autopilot. No additional installation is required. The airplane will always be in trim following autopilot disconnect.
– Autotuning. Autopilot software will autotune each aircraft’s flying parameters (COMING SOON).

This is a 3 1/8 in SuperECO instrument without Autopilot servo output.
All in one instrument that can be used as a backup for your EFIS or as a primary means of navigation in an experimental aircraft.

– Pressure Altitude with barometric adjust. Uses aircraftfoots static port.
– Full Attitude indicator.
– Indicated Airspeed Window. IAS indication is done by plumbing to the Pitot Pressure port.
– Turn and slip indicator.
– Vertical Speed Indicator.
– Altitude preselect window.
– 360-degree compass rose heading indicator. Can show magnetic track or magnetic heading (magnetic heading accuracy depends on instrument installation).
– Heading Bug with heading indication window.
– HSI needle. When connected to an external GPS, a waypoint can simulate a VOR. Can be used to intersect radials. When connected to a Garmin SL-30 NAV/COM it can show horizontal VOR deviation and GS (OPTION).
only and can only be used for day VFR flight guidance, ifr not approved.

Trimtab package includes a hinged trim tab, servo, horns, links, servo base, and industrial-strength waterproof fixing adhesives. Weighs 5.3 ounces (150g).


One display instrument with an automatic dimmer sensor


Push-knob and two buttons


  • Display size
    3 1/8” diagonal. (79 mm)
  • Display Resolution
    320 x 240 pixels, backlit 1000 nits color LCD. Automatic night diming.
  • Input Voltage
    11vdc to 30vdc
  • Size
    3 1/8” (79mm) standard instrument. 3¼” x 3¼” x 2 1/8” (83mm x 83mm x 54mm)
  • Weight
    9 Ounces (256g.) No battery
  • Included Battery
    Emergency backup battery, 2-hour duration (instrument only). Weighs 2 ounces (57g.)

Warranty 2 years.


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