Air Avionics VT-01 Remote

Air Avionics VT-01 Remote

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VT-01 – Our flexible Mode-S transponder with two-block installation.

Transponder main part for installation in a removable frame, which enables flexible, needs-based use of the device in several aircraft.

Additional control panel(s) required.

The operating device remains in the aircraft, connected to the static pressure system and the power supply. Aircraft-specific data such as Mode S address and aircraft registration number are stored in the control device and transmitted to the main device together with the information from the pressure sensor.

Approved up to 40,000 ft.

Additional control panel(s) required.

Parts required for a two-block installation of a VT-01:

  • Main unit (VT0102)
  • Control unit (VT-0101)
  • Mounting rack (VT-0103-1)
  • Connection Kit with power supply (VT-0103-2)
  • Data cable (GAV-4709-0005A)



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