Air Avionics – ACD-57

Air Avionics – ACD-57


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The AIR Control Display is our newly developed multifunctional display. It has robust hardware, a sunlight-readable display and unique features. The AIR Control Display works with various radio devices and AIR Avionics Mode-S transponders. It is an ETSO approved altimeter and can control radios and transponders or even both at the same time.


Talks to lots of radios.

The new AIR Control Display is a real communication talent. It not only works with the new AIR COM aviation radio from AIR Avionics, but also with radios from third-party manufacturers such as Becker Avionics or TQ Avionics. Radios are installed concealed in the aircraft and connected with a cable. The AIR COM radio module can also be connected directly to the AIR Control Display. If the connected radio device has its own controls, these are either deactivated or used in parallel to the AIR Control display, for example in tandem seats.


One or many displays

Several AIR Control Displays can be installed in an aircraft, for example to control a transponder or a radio device. This is a useful solution, especially in tandem seats. All displays are always kept perfectly synchronized via the integrated CANaerospace interface.


Simply add ADS-B OUT

AIR Control Display can be used to control our popular VT-01 Mode-S/ADS-B transponder from AIR Avionics. For this purpose, the transponder is installed concealed, preferably near the transponder antenna, and connected to the AIR Control Display with a cable. The AIR Control Display has a built-in Alticoder and thus supplies the transponder with a precise pressure signal for its altitude emissions


Yes, exactly: an approved altimeter is also available as an option.

The AIR Control Display is a fully ETSO approved altimeter. It can be used “standalone” as an easy-to-read, pure altimeter. Thanks to its technology without moving parts, it is particularly reliable and robust against vibrations, which is advantageous in helicopters or self-launching gliders, for example. To use the altimeter, a software license is required, which can also be purchased later in the AIR STORE. If there is little space in the cockpit, the altimeter function can also be combined with radio, XPDR or both. Radio or transponders can also be retrofitted to the panel without modification.


The largest display in its class.

The AIR Control Display has the largest screen area in its class, i.e. in a small 57mm device. Its breathtakingly high-contrast display has a large reading angle and consumes very little power. The device was designed and tested according to strict approval guidelines, including vibration, extreme temperatures and software reliability.



  • Operation of radio and transponders as well as display of the flight altitude is possible individually or in parallel in one device
  • Fully ETSO approved altimeter (software license required) and Alticoder (no license required)
  • Brilliant, large color display – perfectly readable in the sun
  • Simplest, intuitive operation
  • Airport database, frequency history, GPS interface, NEAREST airport function, memory
  • Fast manual frequency input possible using push-turn gesture
  • Dual Watch can also be controlled with separately adjustable volume
  • microSD card slot for software updates and database functions

scope of delivery

  • ACD-57 main unit with mounted pressure nozzle for static pressure
  • Fastening screws
  • documentation
  • microSD memory card
  • Coupon for two years of free frequency database updates


AIR Control Display

Altimeter, COM and XPDR controller

AIR Control Display (ACD-57) is a multi-function display. It controls aircraft radios, is a fully certified altimeter, and controls transponders.

It is effortless to use and perfectly readable. It features fantastic position-based and database-driven functions, like the “NEAREST” station list.

If your panel space is limited, you can use an ACD to control COM, XPDR, or both and use it as an altimeter. This saves two instruments’ worth of panel space and offers better readability and reliability than most mechanical altimeter systems.


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