Air Avionics – AC-1 VHF

Air Avionics – AC-1 VHF

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An AIR COM installation always consists of an AIR COM main device and – depending on the aircraft type – one or more AIR Control Displays. The AIR COM main unit is installed either on the AIR Control Display directly behind the instrument panel or as a second block at a suitable location in the aircraft.


State-of-the-art technology

AIR COM has the most modern technology. It is by far the smallest and lightest device in its class. The fully digital design enables extensive functions, for example intercom, mixing audio signals or adjusting sound output and input. The Say Again function allows you to play back radio messages that have already been received. Listening to two frequencies at the same time (“Dual Watch”) is also possible.



AIR COM, together with the AIR Control Display, is only 141mm long and can therefore be installed to save space. Control Display and AIR COM can be installed either together as a single unit or separately in two blocks. The flexible family concept also allows for subsequent expansion.

Please note: The AIR Control Display is NOT included in the scope of delivery of the AIR COM main device and must be ordered separately.



(some of the following functions require an AIR CONTROL DISPLAY or a VT transponder)

  • Radio and transponder operation possible in one device
  • Brilliant, large color display – perfectly readable in the sun
  • Simplest, intuitive operation
  • Airport database, GPS interface, NEAREST airport function
  • Frequency memory function
  • Frequency history
  • Dual watch with separately adjustable volume


8.33kHz Aircraft Radio

AIR COM (AC-1) is our next-generation radio module with 8.33kHz channel spacing. It offers impressive sound and advanced functions in a small, lightweight form factor. In fact, AIR COM is the world’s lightest and most compact, fully TSO-certified radio.

It sports modern functions like the incredible “Say Again” replay function and separate volumes for the DUAL/MON and the primary channel.

AIR COM can be installed directly on an AIR Control Display (ACD-57) or remotely with a cable and mount. Compatible Flight Deck systems like GARMIN® G3X Touch® or Dynon® SkyView® can control it—even without an ACD-57 if desired.

The world’s smallest and lightest radio: The most advanced functions.

Our AIR Com (AC-1) features best-in-class sound. Its all-digital audio system allows unprecedented functions like the “Say Again” replay function.


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